sleeping and losing weight

Is losing weight while you sleep just a dream?

The theory that you can lose weight while you're sleeping may sound like something from a dream but it is a genuine reality. If you're getting up at five in the morning in order to go to the gym, you may be missing a simple trick in your battle to lose weight – getting the right amount of sleep.
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Oily fish in the paleo diet

The Paleo Diet: Back to Basics in Search of Results

While the world has changed dramatically since the days of The Flintstones and saber-toothed tigers, human-beings dietary requirements have always remained the same. Cavemen didn’t need high carbohydrate diets in order to live active lifestyles, and neither does modern man. The myth that regular exercise requires regular carbs is just that – a m...
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Krill oil capsules - omega 3 benefits

Omega 3 Benefits: Fatty Acids and Diabetes

When it comes to our overall health and fitness, it’s safe to say that what we eat, and indeed the amount we eat, can have a direct effect on our health. Take sugar for instance. Consuming large amounts of sugar is a recipe for disaster, as diets rich in sugar are one of the main causes of diabetes. Diabetes is basically a condition in which th...
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