Primal Energy C8 MCT Oil

What Is Primal Energy C8 MCT Oil?

Caprylic acid or C8 is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) said to be a faster than the already rapid energy producing MCT oil. It makes up a large portion of the Primal energy MCT oil, but has been further concentrated to make an even better version!

The Primal energy C8 MCT oil from LLS contains 95% C8, with the remaining 5% being made up of caproic acid (C6) and capric acid (C10).

Side note, the numbers denote how many carbon atoms are in the hydrocarbon chain, so Caprylic acid or C8 has 8 carbon atoms, basically... different number of atoms make up different type of triglycerides (fats).

LLS haven’t just made up another name for their MCT oil, they’ve actually made a more concentrated better version of MCT oil, But why?

Ketones… that’s why. Ketones are an alternative fuel source particularly for the brain when the body is fasted or in a carbohydrate restricted state (1). The state in which your body is burning ketones is known as ketosis. The argument for and against ketosis however, is for another time.

Back to C8… So, for the keto crew out there MCT’s have been a Godsend because they’re able to add a load more ketones to blood plasma without radical diet changes and extreme low carbing. I say Godsend, I mean this in most cases unless you’ve played the how much is too much MCT oil game, in which case you’ll curse it for at least 3 hours… If you don’t know what I am talking about, you’re lucky. More ketones are then, a good thing, and a recent study (2) found C8 to increase blood plasma ketones far more than common MCT oil and coconut oil. Highlighting possible evidence that C8 is MCT oils MVP! Another C8 accolade Is having strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties (3) although more human specific research is needed on this area.

To get the most from C8 is dependent on your goal. If the goal is to stay in ketosis, then using C8 throughout your day is great way to hit your fat intake needs. It’s also shown to be just as rapidly absorbed when taken with high carbohydrate and protein meals (4) and potentially keep you in a state of ketosis. For pre-workout energy, take on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes prior to working out and a little longer before if taking with food.

Personally, speaking I use C8 in the mornings when I have work to do and need focus and concentration. I use the recommended 15ml – 30ml dosage and blend or stir with coffee! Although after reading around the further benefits to write this article I’m going to start taking it daily!

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