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What Makes Our Fat Supplements Different?

We only use all-natural ingredients, sourcing our fats from clean, and high-quality origins. 

This means that whether you’re using our MCT oil or our vegan-friendly Omega 3-6-9 products, we can guarantee that our healthy fat supplements are clean, natural and completely free of fillers and caking agents - unlike so many other supplements out there.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, GMP certified, and produced with your health in mind. This is because we’re dedicated to improving your health, not just selling ‘fix all’ products that provide no tangible benefits. 

How Can Our Healthy Fat Supplements Benefit You? 

Healthy fat supplements offer a vast range of underlying benefits that are not just beneficial but essential to our continued health despite how underutilised they are. They help you maintain and recover those essential healthy fats which ensure that our bodies operate at an efficient level, from heart health to cognitive function and increased energy.

Lower heart disease risk

Healthy fats like omega 3, aid our heart health for a multitude of reasons. 

One of these is that it levels out our cholesterol by decreasing the LDL cholesterol which is the bad type and increasing the good HDL, keeping it well maintained and balanced. 

As well as that, fat supplements also help lower blood pressure meaning that our bodies don’t have to work as hard and can reduce the strain on our heart which reduces the likelihood of both strokes and heart attacks.

Joint pain & Arthritis

The fatty acids that are present in our recovery supplements can help maintain our bodies health and fitness not just for a short period but even years down the line.

By acting as an anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce joint pain as it strengthens the ligaments between our joints which in the long term can also lead to a reduced likelihood of developing and suffering from arthritis.

Increased Energy

Healthy fat supplements like MCT oil offer significant benefits for those on high intensity workout plans, or with key fitness goals. This supplement is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, to provide more Ketones - faster releasing and quicker energy for your body while you’re active.

MCT oil can also effectively assist with weight loss, and also heightens cognitive function due to its C8 chains which produce ketone bodies - these, in turn, provide energy for your brain and body that is utilised more effectively than other energy sources. MCT oil is also vegan friendly!