Coconut MCT Powder


These are just a few ways in which our MCT supplements can benefit you:

Supports a Ketogenic Diet

Our MCT supplements are perfect for those following a ketogenic diet as they boost ketone levels in the body, helping your body achieve ketosis, the process where your body burns fats for energy. They can also be used in ‘fasting mimicking’ because the body will continue burning fat as its primary energy source as it does during a fast, in other words, it will not throw the body out of ketosis.

MCT Oil is often referred to as ‘rocket fuel’ due to its energy boosting properties and is famously used to make ‘bulletproof coffee’, which is made up of high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT Oil. It provides a natural source of energy and may accelerate fat burning by increasing ketones in the body, which enhance the natural fat burning state we wake in each morning, known as ketosis. Bulletproof coffee can be used as a meal replacement and you can rely on it to keep you feeling full and to keep you alert for hours!

Enhances Sports Performance
Our MCT Oil is popular with athletes and is fantastic for endurance sports requiring strength and stamina as it provides a sustained energy source. The use of ketones for energy means there is no glucose being released into the blood therefore there are no spikes in blood sugar levels and no sugar crashes but rather a sustained level of energy. In addition, it helps with mental focus required for intense training and sports performance.
Supports Weight Loss

MCT Oils can increase the hormones which reduce appetite and make you feel full. In addition, the calories in MCT Oil are used immediately so the likelihood of the body storing these as fat is reduced.

Heightened Cognitive Function
Unlike fatty acids, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide fuel to the brain resulting in enhanced focus, reduced brain fog and improved brain function. Ketone bodies are the preferred fuel source of the human brain, they can provide more fuel for the brain compared to glucose and produce less oxidative stress when they are metabolised.