We are extremely proud to introduce our very own nutrition and health professional, Sarah Law (my wife!). Sarah will be on hand to answer any of your health and nutritional based questions; a service which we believe to be a key component in ensuring you make the correct decisions when choosing supplements and one which provides us with key information for keeping our product range relevant and highly effective.

Please be aware that Sarah's service is intended to help with health and nutrition questions in general and not questions related to specific product details/availability etc. You can use our Contact Us page or the chat facility in the bottom right of this page for product specific queries. Sarah's advice is also not intended as official medical advice and she cannot be held liable for any advice given. Thank you for understanding.


Now, a word from Sarah...

Sarah Law

Sarah Law

After spending 10yrs as a professional dancer I had always considered myself to be ‘health conscious’. Little did I know that my idea of healthy at the time was far from it! During my performing career I had battled with my weight and just couldn’t seem to get a grip on how to maintain the balance between weight and health. I skipped meals, followed an extremely low fat diet, ran myself into the ground in the gym and generally put my health on the back burner, burying my head in the sand to the fact  that this may have a huge impact on my life in the long term.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, my mission is to educate, so people don’t have to reach breaking point as I did and can take their health back into their own hands. I am hugely passionate about sharing the simple changes people can make now, in order to benefit their tomorrow.

Since graduating I have had the honour of training a corporation of over 1500 people on the importance of nutrition, created a detox programme and set up my own practice, where I provide customised plans, specific to my clients needs in order to help them achieve their health goals and support any disease that may already be present.

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