At Love Life Supplements we’ve been working like crazy to deliver a protein supplement that does what others don’t: puts a focus on your health. We're certain you won't find a whey protein with this many benefits that you can take daily.



An Industry Leading 5.4g of Collagen Per Serving

We’ve had a ton of feedback from customers who are seeing and feeling the benefits of Collagen supplementation, so we decided to add it to our signature Protein blend! Collagen’s specific amino acid profile contributes to improved skin, joint and gut health. With over 5 grams of Bovine Collagen per serving, this truly is an industry leading amount of this incredible supplement.

Grass Fed Whey Protein

Highest Quality Whey: 100% Grass Fed and British

Following a Primal lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure your food is of the absolute highest quality to ensure your overall health and performance is at its peak. Which is why in our Primal Power blend we use only the finest Whey Protein from Grass Fed, British farms. Grass fed Cows live a more open and happy life, producing milk that is free from growth hormones and is non-GMO, unlike most blends on the market.

Low Carbohydrate

Suitable for Keto & Low Carb Diets

You may not already know it, but we’re absolutely passionate about low carbohydrate dieting! Many of our products have been very popular within the Keto/Paleo community, and Primal Power is no exception. Despite adding extra healthy ingredients to this formula, we still managed to keep carbohydrates at a minimum of less than 5 grams per serving, so you remain energised and rebuilt without the extra carbs.

Natural Formula

Using Stevia and Natural Cocoa Powder

Primal Power reflects our absolute dedication to your health and uses only natural sweeteners and flavours throughout. This means you can taste the chocolate flavour, or sample the vanilla treat, and be reassured that they come from real Cocoa Powder or Vanilla Bean Extract and not any artificial rubbish like most products on the market.

Healthy Fats

Energy for the Brain and Body

Some of you may already be fans of MCT Oils and the incredible energy they bring to your body. But for those of you new to MCT’s, the main benefit of fats of this kind is how they fuel the most important organ in your body: the brain. Glucose takes around 26 bodily processes to be digested into energy: MCTs take just 3! We’ve included 12 grams of MCT’s in each serving of Primal Power Whey to fuel your day.

Digestive Enzymes & Prebiotics

Digestive Health and Maximum Absorption

Back on the subject of health, we know at Love Life that your gut plays a huge role in how you feel throughout the day, as well as your performance and recovery. This is why we’ve decided to make it a priority in our most popular supplement, including Prebiotics with every serving. Not only this, but you’ll get a healthy dose of digestive enzymes to ensure your body can make the most of the nutrients you give it.

"I loved the original Primal Power so I'm impressed that LLS have found a way to make it even better, with a generous dose of collagen and an even better protein blend. Primal Power is such a unique product - it's in a different league to other protein supplements and demonstrates this brand's dedication to health and high-quality."

-Natalie @theblondeethos

"As someone who has suffered with IBS searching for the ideal protein can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most of the brands out there are loaded with sugars, bulking agents and more, causing bloating and tummy aches. From day 1 with Primal Power I have never experienced these side effects and can happily take it multiple times a day. I am content in knowing that this protein is as natural as possible and the milk is from grass fed cows. I especially love the vanilla and it works so well with baking, in pancakes or my favourite evening snack: mixed into greek yogurt! I can’t recommend this product enough."

-Aimee @primalpiggy

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