The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee


It might sound like the latest mix from Starbucks but in reality bulletproof coffee is something very different from any other coffee. You may not have come across this way of drinking coffee before, yet it has many benefits to consider.

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

There are but three ingredients in bulletproof coffee:

These are then blended to make the finished drink. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. These are naturally-occurring fats that crop up in coconuts.

Now this might sound like an odd mixture to enjoy first thing in the morning. After all, aren’t we told (constantly) that coffee is bad for you? And don’t let’s get started on butter. We’ve been told for years that butter is bad, yet recently it’s been found not to be all that bad after all. No wonder so many of us are so confused about what we should and shouldn’t be consuming.

Of course a lot depends on the purity of what you consume. As you’re about to see, the purest coffee can be quite something when mixed with grass-fed butter that has no salt added. Put in some MCT oil to complete the recipe, blend the whole lot together and start feeling the benefits.

The truth about coffee

Coffee – pure, natural coffee – is ruined somewhat by putting it through the manufacturing process. Many of us are starting to realise that good natural foods are healthier than those that have been heavily-processed, so perhaps it isn’t so surprising to learn that the same applies to coffee.

When you’re making your own bulletproof coffee, you need to find the beans that have the lowest toxicity level possible. This is not the time to use your favourite coffee beans out of the cupboard. Get a recipe for bulletproof coffee and you’ll generally find a few recommendations there. Instead of feeling jittery and on edge from your usual coffee, you’ll feel amazing when you try a purer version.

The benefits of bulletproof coffee

So we’ve heard about bulletproof coffee now and we know what goes into it. But how does it make you feel? What are the advantages?

Cognitive Function

Well if you usually have standard coffee in the mornings to perk you up, yet you always seem to suffer from brain fog later on, bulletproof coffee could provide the solution. It is said to improve your cognitive function and enable you to stay alert and focused for hours.

Weight Loss

Of course you should bear in mind the number of calories you’re ingesting with one of these coffees each day. If you drink it alongside a normal breakfast don’t be too surprised if you put on weight. The trick here is to use the thicker, frothier and more satisfying coffee as a meal replacement.

However it is also good for anyone who is trying to lose weight. Yes, even with butter added in. Butter has been demonised over the years but the tide is turning. According to research it’s actually sugar and an excess of carbs that have led to an explosion in the number of overweight people in our society. By drinking one portion of bulletproof coffee each morning, it’s possible to encourage your body to start burning fat throughout the day.

Remember too these are healthy fats, which is why only the best quality butter and MCT oil should be used, alongside the best quality beans of course. MCT oil can also help you regulate your cholesterol levels, which is good news for us all, plus it accelerates fat burning by flooding the body with ketones which enhances the natural fat burning state we wake each morning in, known as Ketosis.

Natural Energy

And here comes another advantage. Many of those who have tried having bulletproof coffee for breakfast say they don’t get hungry until lunchtime anyway – sometimes even later. This is great because it makes losing weight easier since you’re not tempted to snack. It also means you have a natural source of energy you can rely on to get you through the morning in a more focused manner.

As you can see, bulletproof coffee might sound odd but in reality it could be the best thing since, well… since toast!



I was so excited to make this reipce but not sure wager I went wrong. They turned out nothing like your picture but just a blob of unshaped chocolate. I used 6 eggs but they were small and melted coconut oil. They taste fine just have no shape. suggestions ?? Thank u for posting tho!

neil barstow

“WIGHT LOSS: should be WEIGHT, right, and the paragraph is cropped too "Of course you should bear in mind the number of calories you’re ingesting with one of these coffees each day. If you drink it alongside a – — ??? " bit missing here?

neil barstow
alwyn nortense

Snake oil. Utter drivel. It’s not an excess of carbs and sugar that has lead to our obesity epidemic, but an excess of calories combined with a lack of physical activity. Please avail yourself of the basic laws of human physiology before writing such nonsense.

alwyn nortense

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