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Joint Support

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Why Take Bone And Joint Supplements?

There are so many alternative joint care supplements out there - not just your average cod liver oil. Whether you’re looking for supplements for joint pain or natural alternatives for bone health, our range of clean, natural products has something for you.

The first question might be, however, “why take Love Life supplements?”

Well, not only do our bone and joint supplements mean you’re guaranteed to take those first steps - get it? - to a healthier, stronger body; it also means you can rest assured that your joint health supplements are 100% UK manufactured to GMP standards. 

We don’t include any of the bulking agents that other supplement manufacturers often do, and we keep all our products as natural as possible, including our bone and joint supplements.

Stronger Bones

Our Collagen Protein supplement is designed to boost your overall bone strength. This addition to your diet is a perfect bone health supplement if you need to improve your bone strength for high intensity or high impact training. 

Collagen helps to support bone strength by increasing the density of your bones, slowing the ageing process and helping your body produce more bone.

Smoother Joints

Our Krill Oil may be more easily absorbed than fish oils such as cod liver oil so can be more effective for reducing pain and maintaining healthy joints.

This is because it is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids, but in a more stable form than fish oil products. Having a more stabilized form of omega 3 means these joint care supplements are more digestible, and are utilised by your body faster - for smoother, less painful joints in less time.

Improve Joint Mobility & Reduce Inflammation

If you’re suffering from painful or inflamed joints, then the benefits of our Turmacin products are nearly exhaustive.

Turmacin can be found in the most efficient supplements for joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. As the first clinically tested, water-soluble composition derived from turmeric, this essential ingredient has been shown to significantly decrease pain and stiffness in joints over a period of time.