Superba Krill Oil

500mg | 60 Softgels

  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Food Supplement - Superba Krill Oil
  • Food Supplement - Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil
  • Food Supplement - Superba Krill Oil
  • Superba Krill Oil

Superba Krill Oil

500mg | 60 Softgels

  • Contains High Levels of Omega 3
  • Superior Source of EPA and DHA
  • May Support Healthy Heart, Joints, Brain
  • Sustainably Fished in the Antarctic

  • What Is Superba Krill Oil?

    Krill oil supplements are taken by many people in the UK because of its powerful health benefits.

    This 100% pure oil is sourced and extracted from Antarctic krill, which are tiny crustaceans similar to shrimps. 

    We use the Euphausia Superba species, which is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid (EPA and DHA), but in a more stable form than in fish oils. Our supplement comes in the convenient form of a Krill oil softgel.

    What are the Benefits of Krill Oil?

    As well as essential fatty acids, this Superba Krill Oil also contains high levels of antioxidants. Experts have said it is 48 times more potent than other omega oils.

    A regular krill oil supplement may benefit you in the following ways:

    • maintaining general cardiovascular health
    • helping keep joints and bones healthy, especially valuable for people with arthritis
    • regulating levels of blood sugar and hormones
    • supporting the brain, nervous system and immune system
    • helping to treat some types of depression
    • reducing “bad” cholesterol (low density lipoproteins (LDL)) and triglyceride levels
    • increasing "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins (HDL))
    • helping protect against narrowing blood vessels and blocked arteries


    Are Krill Oil and Fish Oil the Same?

    No. Fish oil comes from oily fish such as trout, anchovies, mackerel and salmon and is yellow in colour. Krill oil comes from tiny crustaceans, Antarctic krill, and contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin, which gives it a red colour.

    Both are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, but the chemical structure of the fatty acids in krill oil is different from those found in fish oil, meaning that krill oil may be more easily absorbed. 

    LLS Superba Krill Oil does not leave a 'fishy' aftertaste. 


    Why Should I Buy Love Life Superba Krill Oil?

    • This top-quality krill oil is UK-produced at a facility licensed by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice - "the minimum standard that a medicines manufacturer must meet in their production processes").
    • It is an ideal supplement to boost general health, including the heart. It also helps guard against diseases.
    • It is sustainably sourced from the Antarctic by our partners Aker BioMarine™, so you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that it is environmentally friendly.
    • No fishy aftertaste.
    • Our krill oil offers the UK's best quality and is a product you can rely on - just read our 5-star customer reviews.

    If you are still in doubt, please do feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our products.

  • Directions:

    Take 2-3 softgels daily with food.


    Nutritional Information per 2 softgel capsules:

    100% Pure Krill Oil 1000mg


    Marine Phospholipids 400mg
    Total Omega 3 220mg
    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 120mg
    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 56mg
    Naturally Occuring Choline 50mg
    Astaxanthin 100mcg

    Ingredients List:

    Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba), Fish Gelatine Shell (Glycerol, Aqua).


    Nutritional Information per 2 softgel capsules:

    100% Pure Krill Oil 1180mg


    Marine Phospholipids 660mg
    Total Omega 3 318mg
    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 178mg
    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 82mg
    Astaxanthin 100ug

    Ingredients List::

    Lipid extract from the crustacean Antarctic Krill (Euphausia Superba), Capsule Shell: (Bovine Gelatine, Glycerol, Sorbital, water), Flavouring: Ethyl Vanillin


    - Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.
    - Always consult your GP before taking Nutritional Supplements especially if you are taking medication or have an existing medical condition.
    - You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.
    - Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
    - Allergy Advice: Not suitable for persons with an allergy to fish or shellfish. May contain traces of crustacean.
    - Side-effects from this supplement are rare but please discontinue use and contact your GP immediately in the event of an adverse reaction.


    Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place.
    Keep out of sight and reach of children.
  • Aker Biomarine™

    Our Krill Oil is sourced by our partners Aker BioMarine™

    They are a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, dedicated to improving human and planetary health. They are the only krill supplier that controls the entire harvesting and production process.

    Full Traceability

    Their fully transparent value chain stretches from sustainable krill harvesting in pristine Antarctic waters through to their Montevideo logistics hub and Houston production plant. Because they control the entire supply chain, they can trace each end-product back to a precise harvesting location, as recorded by the GPS system onboard each vessel. Their custom-built vessels produce krill meal immediately after the krill has been brought onboard via their Eco-Harvesting technology. This method ensures optimal product quality.

    Certified-Sustainable Operations

    Harvesting of Antarctic krill is closely managed, monitored, and regulated. In fact, they have independent observers stationed onboard their krill harvesting vessels in Antarctic waters.

    The observers provide transparent and detailed reporting of catch volumes and vessel positions to the relevant authorities.

    Aker BioMarine™ have invested in new ocean-friendly harvesting methods (using Eco-Harvesting technology) to maintain the quality of the marine resources they harvest; this method reduces by-catch to near-zero. In 2010, their krill harvesting operations in Antarctic waters received environmental certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the highest standard for sustainable fisheries. This certification was renewed in 2015.
  • What are the ingredients in the product?
    Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba), Fish Gelatine Shell (Glycerol, Aqua).

    What is the dosage and when should I take it?
    Take 2-3 softgels daily with food.

    What are the benefits?
    It helps to support healthy joints, heart and brain.

    Is the Krill Oil cold pressed?
    Yes, our Superba Krill is cold pressed and free from any pollutants including Hexane.

    Is the Krill Oil free from environmental toxins, heavy metals, dioxins and pcbs and is it molecularly distilled?
    Antarctic krill are so low in the food chain and live in the cleanest waters on Earth that they are naturally low in accumulated contaminants. Our Krill Oil is neither a manufactured concentrate nor a product in which the molecular structure of the oil or its constituents have been altered. Currently there are no known toxicity levels for Krill Oil. Antarctic krill live in a naturally clean environment, devoid of pollution, so there is significantly less risk of heavy metal contamination. It has undergone extensive in vitro, in vivo and human studies to determine its safety and lack of toxicity.

    Is this Krill Oil sustainable and traceable?
    Superba™ is the only krill brand certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as being sustainable and 100% traceable from sea to shelf.

    What are you doing to ensure Krill stocks aren't depleted?
    We use a company called Aker Biomarine to harvest our Krill which use a sustainable method - they use a precautionary, ecosystem-based approach designed to prevent krill harvesting that will have a negative impact on a harvested species or other species in the ecosystem.

    Does Krill Oil contain Iodine?
    Iodine is an essential element that naturally occurs in seafood and thus in our Krill Oil. The level of iodine in our Krill Oil is rather constant with a typical value of below 0,2 ppm, and varies from below 0,2 ppm to 0,5 ppm.

    How big are the softgels?
    Our Krill softgels are not big and are easily swallowed. They measure 15mm by 10mm.

    Does this contain Astaxanthin?
    Yes, our Krill Oil is a unique formula given by nature to deliver essential omega-3s, phospholipids, choline and Astaxanthin.

    How much Astaxanthin does the product contain?
    There is 100mcg of Astaxanthin in 2 softgel capsules of our Krill Oil.

    Is this esterified or non esterified Astaxanthin?
    The astaxanthin in our Krill oil is mainly present as ester/di-ester, the natural form of Astaxanthin found in algae, which is hydrolyzed in the body and gets into the blood stream as free astaxanthin.

    Is this product mercury free?
    Our pure Krill Oil is sourced from the pristine waters of the Antarctic where mercury levels are negligible.

    Does this contain Vitamin A?
    Yes, Krill Oil does contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and Astaxanthin.

    Is this product gluten, dairy and soy free?
    Yes it is.

    Is this product kosher/halal?
    No our product is not certified Kosher/Halal.

    What is the PV level of this oil?
    The peroxide value is ≤2 mEq peroxide/kg.

    Is this product Hexane free?
    Yes it is.

    Which Superba product do you use?
    Our product is Superba 2: Neutralized smell and taste, all the benefits of pure, natural Antarctic krill oil. We also sell Superba Boost.

    Are the softgels made from bovine or marine gelatin?
    Marine gelatin.

    Is all of your Krill Oil free from oxidation?
    Yes, all our Krill Oil is free from oxidation and will not oxidise before the expiry date if kept in a cool place. Astaxanthin keeps Superba™ Krill fresh, protecting the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation, which means no additives are necessary to maintain its long-term stability.

    Is Krill Oil safe to take during pregnancy?
    While it is recommended that pregnant and breast-feeding women should secure a sufficient intake of the main nutrients in Superba (EPA, DHA and choline), since these nutrients are essential for the normal development of the fetus and toddler, we are not in a position to give medical advice on the use of the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding. We recommend that women who are pregnant or breast feeding should discuss the use of krill oil as well as any other supplements with their GP as it is essential that use of supplements is considered in light of each women’s total intake of dietary components.

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