FTIR testing

Every batch of product that arrives at our manufacturer warehouse is subject to FTIR testing. This provides us with a chemical fingerprint of the material to confirm the chemical structure of the product is as expected.




pesticide testing

For pesticide residues, compliance with Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 is the ensured benchmark and verified by obtaining supplier assurances. The analytical team test any product deemed as high risk for pesticides to ensure they meet the EU requirements.




Microbiological testing

We perform microbiological testing on all powders arriving at our warehouse. We perform further microbiological testing during the approval stage to verify the supplier specification.




Carbon dating testing

As part of authenticity testing, where it is deemed necessary during approval, a product may be sent for C-14 testing. This allows us to effectively check whether a material has been adulterated with a synthetic substance and labelled as a natural product. This provides food fraud assurances.



Contaminants and PAH TestingFurther contaminants that are often associated with food products and for which Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 sets provisions for are checked for compliance by our approval team. This applies, for example to nitrate, mycotoxins, 3-MCPD, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), solvents (apart from water), acrylamide, antibiotics or melamine. Our approval team will risk assess whether the material may be at risk for those contaminants and obtain assurances or testing from the manufacturer.
Informed Manufacturer accreditation


Our manufacturer is now an Informed Manufacturer, part of the LGC’s Informed certification programmes. This means our site is routinely audited and swab tested to minimise inadvertent contamination with prohibited substances in sport.



Third Party Testing

We are performing third party testing on selected products to verify and provide assurances to our customers that what is stated on the label is exactly what is in our products. Honesty and transparency are an important part of our company core values and the testing we do is in line with this. There are few supplement companies who are prepared to invest in this type of testing, but we feel our customers deserve this service and assurance. It demonstrates that we are completely confident about our products and their ingredients and quality.

The third-party testing is carried out by Eurofins, a world-renowned testing company with leading laboratories. They maintain the highest standards in all aspects of their work.