Green Coffee Bean Extract for Fat Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Fat Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract

How Can Supplementing with Green Coffee help aid Fat Loss for Those Already Dieting?

If you have previously attempted to diet or lose weight then I am sure you will have noticed Green Coffee bean extracts on your searches.

These little green beans are touted as the one of the greatest weight loss and fat burning supplements available on the market…but are they effective?

Here at Love Life Supplements we want to provide you with the facts about Green Coffee so you can make an informed choice about whether this supplement is right for you.

So we will start at the beginning…

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What is Green Coffee?

Green Coffee is raw, unroasted coffee. Simple. The lovely smelling beans you see at your local coffee shop have been roasted, which changes their colour brown and also releases that rich flavour. “What is so special about Green Coffee then!” I hear you cry.

Well, raw Green Coffee beans have a high level of a compound called Chlorogenic Acid or CGA and it is this natural substance that may hold the key to weight loss and fat burning. A good percentage of the CGA is removed when the beans are roasted so that is why Green Coffee has become so popular.

Tell me more about Chlorogenic acid CGA?

Green Coffee beans contain more CGA than any other plant source. These phenolic compounds (polyphenols) have undergone many studies and the general indication is that CGA may decrease glucose absorption in the small intestine by interfering with the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes. This leads to less fat deposition and easier withdrawal of fat from adipose tissue.

So in essence, reduce the amount of blood sugar, less fat build up and easier fat removal. Hmm... sounds interesting!

One 2012 study published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity showed that the obese test subjects lost an average of 18 pounds in just 12 weeks.

CGA is loaded with antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. It is also important to highlight that effective Green Coffee supplements contain at least 45% CGA in order get an effective dosage.

Does Green Coffee contain anything else?

Well yes, glad you asked. It is coffee so it does contain caffeine. Caffeine is obviously the world’s favourite stimulant. In low doses, caffeine can cause increased alertness and decreased fatigue, perfect for that pre work out boost. It has also been shown to increase your metabolic rate, another added bonus for those looking to shed a few pounds.

We are all too aware however, that too much caffeine can have a negative effect so…

Does Green Coffee Have Too Much Caffeine In?

The evidence suggests no. A regular cup of coffee made from roasted coffee beans has more than 100 mg of caffeine per serving. With some special cups of coffee such as those made from a “venti drip”, the caffeine level can reach as much as 400 mg.

But a serving of green coffee contains just 5-20 mg of caffeine. With 2-4 capsules a day, this supplement provides a similar amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. Well within the recommended “safe” levels.

So what is the overall verdict on Green Coffee?

If you are looking for a supplement to provide assisted weight loss, then Green Coffee bean extract could be beneficial.

Evidence does suggest that Green Coffee bean extract (and the GCA contained within it) may improve glucose metabolism and reduce blood pressure, thus promoting weight loss in dieters. This may also have benefits for people who are at high risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In a recent human study, a group taking the instant coffee with green coffee bean extract lost 11.9 pounds (5.4 kg) in 12 weeks, while the group taking plain instant coffee lost only 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg) in the same time frame. Neither group was instructed to change their diet or exercise habits.

Body fat percentage also went down by 3.6% in the green coffee extract group, compared to 0.7% in the other group.

These studies however are quite small, short term and in certain cases sponsored by supplement companies.

Are there side effects?

Green Coffee has been deemed safe for human consumption and no serious side effects were reported when it was taken by mouth at appropriate doses.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, then these probably aren’t for you and are definitely not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Otherwise the message is this: It is safe and can provide the benefits you desire.

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