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Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Benefits

Green Coffee Bean Extract has quickly become one of the most popular health supplements, and with good reason.

Green coffee is simply the natural raw form of the coffee bean.

What makes Green Coffee Bean different?

So what makes it different from a roasted bean?

Green coffee has chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant substance that is lost when the bean is roasted. If a green coffee bean is ground and roasted, it has almost no aroma and not much of a taste - even to the point of being very biter.

But there's no need to suffer through drinking something unpleasant if you're looking to see the results for yourself.

Luckily, you can find green coffee bean extract supplement in pill form. And what's even better is that it is a higher concentration that will kick your metabolism into high gear for quicker weight loss!

Green Coffee Bean Benefits

This bean offers a variety of health benefits, from weight loss to Alzheimer's to blood pressure and more.  How can green coffee bean extract help you? Take a look at just some of the benefits:

Weight Loss

Thanks to an explosion in popularity in recent years, this is the benefit of green coffee people are most concerned about.

A 2011 study focused on trials testing green coffee bean extract pills like these as a weight loss supplement. When this study was published in Gastroenterology Research and Practice found that green coffee bean extract was has an immensely larger overall effect on a person's weight than the placebo group.

Virtually every green coffee user had a lower body weight! Scientists have also found that green coffee extract can help stop weight gain by fighting your body's fat absorption and promoting the liver to metabolize fat. In March of 2012, a clinical study found a direct connection between chlorogenic acid and weight loss. Chlorogenic acid reduces sugar absorption in the body as well

Alzheimer's Disease 

Research found that green coffee extract can actually help with Alzheimer's disease. Laboratory tests showed that decaffeinated green coffee extract helped lower subject's impaired energy metabolism in the brain - which is a huge factor for Alzheimer's disease. The study even found that green coffee extract helped fight insulin resistance.

Blood Pressure

A 2005 study from Hypertension Research shows that green coffee can help people with slightly high blood pressure. At the end of this study, men who were given green coffee extract had a significant decrease in blood pressure compared to men in the study who received a placebo.

But the benefits don't just stop there! Green coffee has also been shows to help with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson's disease, colorectal cancer and inflammation. It's even thought that it can slow the aging process!

Green coffee bean extract has been found to be a safe substance, with little or no side effects to report. It does contain caffeine however, which could cause problems for some people. But even a high dosage of it contains only about 20% the amount of caffeine in an average cup of coffee. 

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I have a question, is there a way to preapre them at home? I mean they sell the actual green beans at some specialized coffee houses in Jordan but if i bought a kilogram of raw coffee beans, what to do with them next? How to consume them? I am really disparate to know, thank you in advance.


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