what is bone broth

The Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth

health benefits of Bone Broth

Admittedly it doesn’t sound like the tastiest dish you could ever eat.

But as with many health foods there is a lot to be said for bone broth. In fact the more you find out about it the more you might be tempted to give it a try – and not just once either. This could become a regular part of your diet.


Firstly, what is bone broth?

It’s not new, if that’s what you’re thinking. Actually it’s thought to be as old as man himself. Most people are familiar with the idea of chicken soup being prescribed as a natural way to recover from a cold.

The best stuff is made from homemade stock – and this is made from chicken bones which are then strained out, leaving the liquid to use in soup or broth.

Bone broth is pretty much the same thing. Basically you take the bones of your chosen animal (save them from roast lamb, roast chicken et al) and bring them to a boil in a saucepan of water.

Throw in some herbs and spices and some basic vegetables such as onions and carrots, and reduce to a simmer for several hours. A long simmering time is essential if you are going to extract all the good stuff from the bones.


How does bone broth boost your health?

The cooking process strips the goodness from the bones and puts them into your broth. Assorted minerals and proteins end up enriching the broth, not to mention other essential benefits.

Bone broth also contains gelatin which is thought to heal the gut. Digestion is made easier as a result, and this can help people who have problems with digesting the nutrients in food. The same thing also leads to healthier nails and hair – yet another advantage of having a shot of broth each day.

The idea of grandmothers prescribing chicken soup for colds is familiar to most of us, but it turns out she was right. White blood cells have been proven to reduce in quantity when eating broth, and this eases the unpleasant symptoms of both colds and flu.

Of course homemade broth is always going to be better than shop-bought, so bear that in mind. Chicken broth in particular has the benefit of cysteine. This is an amino acid that thins out the plentiful mucus you get with a cold.


Packed with minerals

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise since we’re talking about a broth made from animal bones. Think of all the nutrients and minerals that are packed into bones, including phosphorus and calcium. The longer you simmer the bones the more of those minerals seep out into the broth itself – and the more you will ingest as a result.

These minerals are excellent at helping your bones retain their strength and repair themselves. Think of all the cartilage that is simmered away from the bones while they are cooking too. It is possible to ease joint pain when eating bone broth on a regular basis. Do you take glucosamine or collagen on a regular basis? Well, you get a great shot of glucosamine and collagen with every bowl of bone broth.


Plentiful health benefits in one bowl

It’s pretty easy to see why bone broth is being touted as one of the best superfoods there is. It’s easy to make too, and a great way of using up leftovers. It’s a cheap natural source of vitamins, minerals and lots of other goodies, so you should definitely consider making the most of it as a regular addition to your diet.

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