Do you Love Life? (guest post)

This is a guest post by Love Life customer, Sheizo.

Taken from her blog, Sheizo is....

"an Egyptian/British single mum for a cheeky toddler. I welcome new challenges in life and I am a true geek when it comes to philosophy, English and Arabic literature. I am currently awaiting to be awarded a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool after which I will embark on a very exciting life journey of love, fun, work and adventure with my lovely son."

She has had amazing success in losing weight and improving her overall health by taking our supplements and wanted to share her story in the form of a blog post. So take it away Sheizo...

Do you Love Life?

My journey from August 2014 to date... From Size 16 to 12 (and some...)

Photo of Sheizo - size 16 to 12

Do you love life? This very difficult question to answer pops in my mind every time I reach for my "Love Life" daily supplements. 
I have for the majority of my life been joining gyms, starting diets and to be honest slacking half way for many excuses that only I can blame only myself for.

I have been skeptical but hopeful like every dieter starting new that "this" will work. Whatever "this" was, it never gave me the instant transformation of a beach body babe that I longed to be. After 7 years of marriage and going through the divorce, this was my wake up call. I had to give up "bad habits", I had to wake up to start fresh and love not just life, but love myself!              

God knows how many times I ate and ate to feel better about how many things that were simply frustrating me, irritating me or simply letting me down. That is including being encouraged to junk by my X who has no clue about health eating and eats junk and sweets. Well, some people when they are sad they eat (and that was me) whilst others go totally without food (and thus become skinny). I had to put an end to this just I put an end to everything else that was making me unhappy in my life. A new start is what I needed...

I wanted to be able to see the person who felt trapped inside that body. I wanted to be healthy, fit and most of all happy. These three goals were always on my mind, they all depended on each other. So..... Action plan began: Day one after my divorce I went on bought myself my first product of Love Life. That was "Inner Flush". The many times I felt bloated having ate and ate out of probably not loving myself at all are just phenomenal. I felt if I ate and carry on eating, I must at least help myself digest properly and basically "let it go" if you know what I mean...hahahaha

First week of taking Inner Flush was a success, I felt "lighter" overall, having had regular bowl movements and no urge to stuff myself with more food, or go for seconds. I felt great at this point and decided to check more products out. This lead me to Raspberry Ketone which I saw a lot of publicity for online and on "instagram" as the new next thing in losing weight. By this point, because I was emotionally a wreck, I was also attending Fit Camp exercise classes in Liverpool @ Speke. The collectivity of exercising in a warehouse with people in the same position as I am, as a group, either 6 am or 7 pm, gave me a massive adrenaline rush that I really for the first time in my life enjoyed. During this week, I lost a 11lb and 2 inches off my waist and my thighs.

Second and third week, the weight continued to drop. I was combining my Inner Flush (2tabs before bedtime) with Raspberry Ketone & Garcinia Cambogia (4 tabs- 2 morning and 2 evening). You would think naturally I would be energetic having a 3 years old running around the house. This was never the case, I was tired and generally irritable. After taking these regularly, I had more energy to be dancing in the living room with my son, going for walks, play-centre and simply putting on more music on to dance even more. The last activities I tried were a hot yoga session, attending a dancing class and a belly dancing class. I was and still am buzzing. I today attend twice personal training 1 hour sessions with Orioll Portell @Sport Direct (LA fitness) on Rose Lane, Liverpool, in order to maintain the healthy weight, tone and build more muscles. I could simply say that things have worked out very well so that I can re-gain the life that I deserve.

With this said, and how it is not easy to suddenly find one's world upside down, I have always believed that it is not the difficulty that counts, it is more about what I will and be able to do to "cope". I am not a fighter, but a survivor. I am glad to have come across Love life who are a genuine company who cares about their customers. If this is how I will be a hot beach babe at only 30 years of age and with a happy very active 3 years old, then be it.
It isn't about the difficulty I say, it is about how much you love life...and most of all, love yourself

Love life, I not only DO love you, but also I DO love life and I DO love most of all, myself... so here is a Big Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


This is a guest post by Sheizo, taken from her blog:

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