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How Lactospore® Can Lead To Great Gut Health

In a world full of pollution, processed foods, sugar, pharmaceuticals, too much time indoors and not enough access to high quality air or high nutrient foods, it can be a struggle for the body to work as optimally as it could. Add to that a lifestyle filled with stress-inducing deadlines, work schedules, relationship issues and financial instability. It’s no wonder our gut health definitely isn’t as vibrant and healthy as it could be.

Gut health and probiotics are a big talking point in the media right now, and in the world of wellness, our gut microbiome (the billions of bacteria wriggling around inside of us) is definitely under the microscope and in the limelight.

Why is Gut Health Important?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘gut instinct’, or ‘listen to your gut’, and there’s a very good reason for that; the gut is home to billions of bacteria that influence everything from our digestion and assimilation of nutrients, to mood and energy levels, hormone fluctuations, and brain function.

For thousands of years, ancient health and wellbeing systems have known that healthy digestion is the key to a healthy body and healthier overall life.

A modern lifestyle however, doesn’t often support healthy digestion – with long hours of sitting, processed foods, minimal fibre, the use of antibiotics, and a lack of natural probiotic foods in most people’s diets. Because of this, we’re seeing epidemic levels of gut health problems, like IBS, leaky gut, and celiac disease.

lactospore probiotic helps bloating

If modern foods contained all the goodness they once did, and if we lived like humans naturally once did, we wouldn’t need probiotics. But the thing is, we don’t.

Why LactoSpore® ?

If you’ve ever suffered with bloating or indigestion and started a course of high quality probiotics, you’ll know what a huge difference they can make to the way you feel.

LactoSpore® is a tried-and-trusted type of probiotic. The Bacillus Coagulans bacteria it contains forms spores within the gut.



These spores react with the gut’s acidic environment and start to grow in the intestine. This promotes the growth of all that ‘good bacteria’ and those healthy pathogens we are always being told we need for a healthy gut.

What makes LactoSpore® extra special is that it can resist warmer temperatures. This means you can store them at room temperature, and drink a warm drink soon after taking them (which isn’t the case with most probiotics).

They’re resistant to antibiotics (wow), and the digestive enzymes effectively help break down nutrients into amino acids, making them more readily absorbed by the body.

My Experience with LactoSpore®

As an avid experimenter of supplements and probiotics, I was personally pretty much thrilled upon taking these. Bloating is something I’ve experienced for most of my life, and it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. I regularly add these LactoSpore® supplements to my smoothies in the morning so I know I’m setting myself up for a good day of digestion ahead.

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