Full Body Strength/Power Workout

This is a simple 4 exercise strength and power workout consisting of a strength move (squat), power move (power clean), horizontal push (bench press), horizontal pull (bent over row).

This is one of 3 barbell workouts I do every week and have built a lot of strength and size doing it. They are all based around big, compound moves. No isolation moves here.

Technique in the power and olympic lifts needs improving but I'm working on it.

More workouts to come!

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yay, the first thing i’m excited about is you are prtety much the first one who just say how much you lost and that it works, istead of me having to weight 5 minutes into the vid before you mention if it worked and how much you lost. That’s great u lost so much. i seen how thin you are and thought u were going to say it doesn’t work cos its suppose to be for heavier people. so this gives me encouragement that it this product really works. thanks


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