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Activated Charcoal: For Digestion & Detox

In the world of the ancient eastern medical practice of Ayurveda, poor digestion is the first sign of illness, and therefore one of the first things to consider when we’re looking at improving health and wellbeing. Other than the myriad of pills and potions found on pharmacy shelves, there is something more natural, and just as effective we can use to clean up the digestive tract, and kick-start the body.

Each time we eat something, it causes a ‘stress’ to the body – not the sort of stress we feel when stuck in traffic – but a ‘stress’ that means the body then has to work to process the nutrients, make use of the caloric energy, and get rid of the toxins and waste products. The thing is, because of the typical western diet’s abundance of processed foods, chemicals and sugar, and profound lack of fiber, digestion is becoming more and more of an issue than ever. Gastrointestinal problems like IBS and chronic constipation are becoming more and more common, which often lead to other issues throughout the different bodily systems. When the body can’t digest food properly, these waste products stay in the digestive tract and start to ferment, releasing chemicals back into the body, causing potential disease.

Perhaps of even greater interest to anyone looking to stay on top fitness form, proper digestion is vital for a properly functioning body. When digestion is sluggish, we feel sluggish, when we’re not properly absorbing nutrients, there’s no way we can perform at our best, and if we can rid ourselves of toxins, it’s difficult or feel anywhere close to our best. That’s where activated charcoal comes in: This subtle little ingredient can be the key to resolving all manner of issues, leading to full health!

1. Aids in removing toxins

Activated charcoal is often consumed if a person has previously ingested something contaminated or poisonous – yep, that’s how powerful it is! Whilst we’re not that likely to be gulping down actual toxic waste products (hopefully), activate charcoal can remove those toxins we might indulge in now and again. Think; sugar, additives, and the chemicals we’re exposed to all the time from cleaning products and plastics, to pollution. Activated charcoal doesn’t actually absorb alcohol, but it can prevent a hangover by essentially ‘mopping up’ the extra chemicals and sugary substances from mixers and other ingredients, so the body has less to process over night.

Activated charcoal works by trapping chemicals within its millions of tiny pores, and holds on to them so the chemicals can be flushed out of the body with the charcoal. This means the body doesn’t reabsorb the toxins, and is known as adsorption. The porous surface of the activated charcoal has a negative electric charge, attracting positive electrons to it.

2. Improves Digestion

By allowing activated charcoal to do its job of ridding the body of waste and toxins, we begin to self-repair, and a whole lot of symptoms we may have been experiencing for years are likely to start vanishing. The digestive tract is a big and pretty intricate system that holds on to waste if we don’t clean it out regularly. As is mentioned above; a lack of fiber can contribute to an inability to properly empty the body of waste, and therefore means a lot of unwanted chemicals are re-absorbed into the body. Activated charcoal sweeps through the digestive system, collecting impurities along the way, reducing the risk of allergies, poor immune function, and oxidative damage.

If you choose to take part in a cleanse, activated charcoal is a must – have, as it can assist with clearing out the body, often leading to increased energy levels, reduced joint pain, and heightened cognitive function.

3. Reduces bloating and gas

Activated charcoal can help remove the chemicals and gas that accumulate in the gut and cause things like acid reflux, indigestion and bloating. These symptoms can be incredibly uncomfortable, and can also effect mood and confidence levels. If you’ve got a big night out planned, a celebratory meal, or a holiday coming up, pack some activated charcoal to prevent and reduce the symptoms of a build up of gas and uncomfortable bloating!  

4. Helps with ‘mould cleansing’

Whilst we might think of mould as something that grows on old sandwiches or that cheese left at the back of the fridge, it’s also possible to have mould within your body. Causing kidney and liver failure, as well as compromised cognitive function, heart disease, respiratory problems and headaches and vomiting, it can also notably cause depression.

Areas that are poorly ventilated, and bathrooms, kitchens and other damp areas, are likely to harbour toxic mould, so if you’re concerned about being exposed to mould at work or at home, take the first steps to protect yourself from the inside out by supplementing with activated charcoal to remove the toxins!

5. Provides ‘Anti-Ageing’ Benefits

Ageing is basically a process of the body and mind undergoing stress from the environment, and although it’s totally natural of course, there are ways to decrease the amount of stress we experience and delay the feeling of ‘getting old’.

Every time we eat something, the body has to deal with a whole lot; digesting, choosing what to do with the nutrients, breaking down the physical matter, and getting rid of it. Now imagine if we eat something clean, organic and healthy (and we eat it in a calm and relaxed manner); the body doesn’t have to do a lot to figure out what to do with it. It’s simple. However, if we eat something with a lot of processed ingredients, heaps of sugar, and we gulp it down within seconds, the body has to spend much more time trying to work out what we actually just ate, and what to do with these completely alien chemicals, before trying to work out how to break down and get rid of it.

Although we may not be able to escape alien ingredients all the time, we can help the body out by routinely cleaning it up with activate charcoal. The charcoal moved through the system, and essentially decreases the stress placed upon the body, leading to rejuvenation and healing. A reduction in brain fog, improved mood levels, brighter skin, improved kidney and liver function, and a healthier digestive tract are what you can look forward to!


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