PART 2: How Do We Build Health?

PART 2: How Do We Build Health?

How do we build health… 

Last blog I discussed some of the differences between health and fitness. Today I will start to dig into the health side of this and how we can start to improve our health.

I think almost everyone in the world wants to be as healthy as possible. Obviously depending on our jobs and lifestyles, and also our priorities this will vary greatly, in this I will talk about the average Joe…if there is even such a thing in today's globalised world!

The major problem that most human beings face in western countries is that we live a sedentary lifestyle bombarded by hundreds of stressors! We wake up, commute to work, sit at a desk, commute home and collapse on the sofa exhausted, if we are lucky and driven, maybe a very intense workout is squeezed in somewhere.

As a gym owner, this is what I see with so many people. It is such an unhealthy way of living, I almost don’t know where to start in describing how unhealthy it is.

We are inactive most of the day, eating diets laden with sugars and a toxic mix of chemicals, low in protein and high in additives. Our exercise is squeezed in and is such an intense nature (not enough time, and hunting a quick fix) that it over time is unsustainable and is actually a detriment to us, breaking our bodies down - leading to injury and fatigue.

Almost always meaning that an exercise routine is not maintained. Add in the pressure of society to look a certain way whilst sustaining a social life that (certainly in the UK) demands late nights, alcohol and eating out regularly this becomes a toxic mix.  

At the moment, a culture of you only live once is rife amongst many…whilst this is true, it is also true that it will be a short life if you burn the candle too hard and don’t take active steps to look after your health - no-one wants disease or an early death…do they?! Its finding a balance and knowing what to do that is key, to let you enjoy life but also live long and prosper.

Some simple principles to start getting your heads around for better health and wellbeing are:

  • Human adaptation comes slowly. If you are overweight and want to look better naked, it will take time. You can’t fast track the process.
  • Humans have been living in line with the cycles of the sun and moon for ever. Do your best to be as in line with this as possible or your health WILL suffer.
  • Training and fitness is important…but you need to understand that it is a form of stress.
  • Too much stress going into our system will lead to the system failing in some form or another.
  • Nutritional health is so much more than just macros.
  • The foods we eat are much lower in nutrients than they used to be, supplements are not a short cut to better health but will help when used correctly.
  • Quality sources of adequate protein, lots of veggies and fruit and fats/carbs from natural and good quality sources are key to health, it doesn’t need to be too much more complicated as a starting point.
  • Any changes need to lifestyle and/or health need to be small and sustainable…this is KEY. Huge changes in diet/lifestyle/training will not last.

These are just a starting point, but very useful prompts to get your heads thinking about how you have been approaching your own health. Next time I will drop into some depth about what we can do in terms of training to help and promote our health!

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