Heat Therapy UK

Biohacking Series Part 2: The Benefits of Heat Therapy & Sauna

Heat exposure is one of the most popular biohacking protocols to increase metabolism, extend lifespan, and enhance exercise recovery. Heat exposure or ‘heat stress’ can be done in many different ways, including exercise, hot tubs and sauna. Research shows the benefits of regular sauna use include improving cardiovascular health, weight loss, stress reduction and detoxification. In this blog, you’ll learn all about the benefits of heat exposure, and the specific practices to help you get the most from this biohacking protocol.
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Love Life Supplements Detox Smoothie

Broccoli Sprout & Beetroot Detox Smoothie

Broccoli sprout extract is our hero ingredient, due to its powerful compound glucoraphanin, the precursor to Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane stimulates detoxification, reduces inflammation, supports healthy DNA, helps prevent cancer, prevents and helps reverse type 2 diabetes, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, and is a potent beneficial antioxidant.

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Do you Love Life? (guest post)

This is a guest post by Love Life customer, Sheizo. Taken from her blog, Sheizo is....

"an Egyptian/British single mum for a cheeky toddler. I welcome new challenges in life and I am a true geek when it comes to philosophy, English and Arabic literature. I am currently awaiting to be awarded a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool after which I will embark on a very exciting life journey of love, fun, work and adventure with my lovely son."

She has had amazing success in losing weight and improving her overall health by taking our supplements and wanted to share her story in the form of a blog post. So take it away Sheizo...

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yacon root

Can Yacon Root Help with Weight Loss & Detox?

In this post we want to tell you about a new weight loss/detox supplement. In the past few months yacon root has received an increasing amount of column inches and headline space. So is this really the next big weight loss supplement? What is yacon root? Let’s start with the basics here. Yacon Root is, as the name might suggest, a completely na...
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broccoli and autism

Could Broccoli ‘Hold the Key’ for Treating Autism?

October has been an interesting month for anyone following any potential news of treatments for autism.

According to the results of a small study (results that were reported on widely in the news), a chemical that exists naturally in broccoli may be able to improve the symptoms of people suffering from autism.

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