Superba krill oil capsules for omega 3

Omega 3: Why Some Fats Are Friends Not Foes

Our diet used to sustain our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It enabled us to carry out daily tasks without reaching for a chocolate bar and a double-shot coffee at 3pm. So what’s changed? In this post, we explore the implications of omega 3 deficiency, and why krill oil may hold the answer.
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The Paleo Diet and the Role of Supplementation within it

The Paleo Diet takes us back to the times of cavemen. If you follow this diet you’re essentially following the same diet your ancient ancestors used to follow. They didn’t have the vast amount of choices we have today when it came to food. Their diet was limited (if that’s the word, since it covers quite a lot) to meat and poultry, nuts and seed...
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Omega 3 Benefits: Fatty Acids and Diabetes

When it comes to our overall health and fitness, it’s safe to say that what we eat, and indeed the amount we eat, can have a direct effect on our health. Take sugar for instance. Consuming large amounts of sugar is a recipe for disaster, as diets rich in sugar are one of the main causes of diabetes. Diabetes is basically a condition in which t...
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