The Effects of Nootropics on Mental Performance — Your 101 Guide

The Effects of Nootropics on Mental Performance — Your 101 Guide

Nootropics are gaining attention as supplements that can boost brain function and have beneficial cognitive effects in healthy people.    

Reaching for these cognition-enhancing drugs may be the first thing that pops to mind if we want to keep stepping up to the challenges of our modern lives. 

Everyone wants to keep slaying their dragons—whether you're targeting work productivity or pursuing academic, or athletic achievement.

For that, you need a sharp mental state.

But can nootropics make you sharper, more creative, and motivated as they’re said to do? Do they work in terms of cognitive enhancement?

What do you need to know to make the most of the so-called smart drugs? We’ll help you game everything out—below is your 101 guide to nootropics.  

What Exactly Are Nootropics? 

Nootropics is a wide term that can relate to any of the so-called cognition enhancers or smart drugs. These compounds can be natural and synthetic, and they’re used to improve cognition.

To whittle things down and put them into perspective, there are two major types of nootropics.    

  • Prescription nootropics. These refer to prescription drugs used to treat cognitive impairment and mental disorders. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer’s disease, and narcolepsy included.
  • Natural nootropics. They're also known as non-prescription or over-the-counter nootropics. These are dietary supplements used by healthy individuals to help boost cognition and enhance memory.

They stimulate the release of dopamine and other important brain chemicals. They're also found to boost motivation and alertness by way of improving blood circulation and oxygen flow in the brain. [1]

Types of Nootropics and Their Effect on Cognitive Performance


L-theanine is an amino acid that’s widely consumed in diets and as herbal supplements. This potent compound found in black and green teas is what makes us feel so calmingly alert after a cup of our favourite brew. 

L-theanine is found to increase alpha waves in the brain, as reported in a 2016 review. [2

Exercise extra caution if you want to take cognitive enhancer supplements while staying an avid tea drinker. Stick to the recommended dosage of between 100–400 mg of l-theanine per day. [3]

Doses of up to 900 mg daily have also proven to be safe but so far only within a limited timeframe. 

Recent research in cognitive neuroscience revealed a synergistic effect of L-theanine and caffeine. The two have been found to promote alertness, focus, and multitasking when taken together. [3]

This brings us to our next section. 


Caffeine is a brain-boosting substance that can make us more alert and faster at processing information. 

And have you ever wondered why natural substances such as coffee make you act like this? It’s down to caffeine’s ability to block adenosine receptors in your brain. As a result, the subjective feeling of tiredness subsides. [4]

And here's the best part. Caffeine stimulates different memory-promoting neurotransmitters in our brain, making us better at acquiring information.

Caffeine is safe to use when consumed moderately, no more than 400 mg per day—which amounts to no more than four cups of brewed coffee. 

According to the European Food Safety Authority’s report, overstepping dosage recommendations can affect your heart health and cause a long list of adverse reactions. Interrupted sleep, anxiety, and behavioural changes included. [5]


Creatine supplementation is popular in the muscle building niche, but it can also improve brain and memory function.

Creatine energises your brain and boosts its capacity. It binds with phosphate compounds in the brain bringing an increased influx of energy to your brain cells. [6] As a result, your short-term memory and reasoning skills can improve. 

Bear in mind, though, that it’s not recommended to exceed the recommended 5 grams per day. Higher doses are yet to be thoroughly tested, and so far there’s not enough research on their long-term safety. [7


Acetyl-L-carnitine can bring significant improvement in treating brain deterioration and memory impairment. 

A few animal trials performed on rats showed that l-carnitine can reduce detrimental effects of brain ageing. [8

Other animal studies found it to prevent the accumulation of brain-damaging substances in the cerebral cortex. [9]

Human studies also show encouraging data. They point towards the beneficial role of l-carnitine in people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. [10


Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that facilitates the communication of brain cells and contributes to proper cognitive function. As we age, natural concentrations of phosphatidylserine in our cells drop, leading to mental and cognitive decline.

That said, supplementing this phospholipid may improve memory and mental function.  

Preliminary research found that phosphatidylserine can have beneficial effects on patients suffering from dementia. Yet, more studies are needed to reach conclusive evidence. 

More recent research offers more hard data on this essential phospholipid. There are indications it can enhance cognitive function in people with mild cognitive impairment. It’s also been found to improve working memory and learning in people with early stages of dementia. [11]

According to a 2002 safety report, 200 mg of phosphatidylserine three times a day is considered safe to administer. [12]

What Is the Most Effective Nootropic for Brain Function?

Cognitive Enhance Nootropic by Love Life Supplements is a brain booster that enhances several important mental functions. 

This amino acid and phospholipid complex is GMP certified. Most importantly, it’s created with carefully sourced raw ingredients. The ingredients work together to help improve memory and other cognitive functions. 

Our nootropic formula blends the ingredients covered in this article with the addition of CDP choline and l-tyrosine. They stimulate natural biochemical processes in brain cell membranes and help the body produce new neurotransmitters.


LLS Cognitive Enhance Nootropics for improved focus, better memory and attention span. Get your nootropic capsules now


Can You Take Nootropics Every Day?

Naturally-derived nootropics (caffeine and l-theanine formulas) are generally safe to use on a daily basis provided that you watch your dosage and choose a reliable supplier.  

When reviewing your supplement options, make sure you steer clear of prescription nootropics. These nootropic drugs can cause addiction, and they’re not meant for healthy adults. 

Prescription stimulants or cognition-enhancing drugs such as Piracetam or Armodafinil are intended for treatment of mental health disorders. As such, they’re not advisable for healthy people who simply want to improve their memory and focus. [13]

What Are Nootropics Side Effects?

Not even non-prescription nootropics are safe if used in immoderate doses. For example, too much caffeine can trigger insomnia, restlessness, and increased heart rate. 

Other nootropics can cause more serious conditions such as headache, myalgias, tremors, etc.

So, how do you get the good out of nootropic supplements without experiencing the bad? Read the labels and make sure you stay within the recommended dosage.

Consult your healthcare professional if you’re pregnant or suffering from any health condition.

Treat Yourself To Clean Certified Supplements 

In a nutshell, nootropics can be your gateway to a razor-sharp mind and better mental ability. 

It goes without saying good lifestyle habits are most likely to keep you healthy and lucid in the long run. Yet, some of these cognitive enhancers can affect your memory, mood, and focus.

Your brain is your most valuable asset so you’d better cherry-pick what you feed it with. When you’re out for supplements that protect your brain health you want a good reliable source. 

LLS is a UK-based company that creates supplements manufactured to the strictest possible standards. Our products are GMP certified—meaning that only the best ingredients make it through. 

Plus they’re free from all the nasty fillers that find their way into many supplements we see today. 

That said, head out to our product pages to top up your supplements. Or dive further into our blog for more health and fitness tips. We love seeing good results within our health-conscious community. 
















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