Types of Collagen: A Guide To Decoding the Different Types

Types of Collagen: A Guide To Decoding the Different Types

Fun fact: Collagen constitutes about 30% of your body’s protein content and plays an important role in maintaining the strength and elasticity of your skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. 

Yet, despite its abundance during your youth, your body's natural collagen production decreases with age; leading to signs of ageing such as wrinkles, joint discomfort, and weakened bones. This has led many to turn to collagen supplements to replenish their body's collagen levels and help support their overall health. 

Note: Understanding the various types of collagen and their benefits is important for anyone considering supplementation. 

Today, we’re looking at the benefits of collagen peptides combined with Vitamin C — a pair known for their ability to support the body's structural components while enhancing overall well-being. By focusing on this combination, we hope to shed light on how targeted supplementation can contribute to maintaining your body's integrity and vitality; even as natural collagen production wanes.

Moreover, we’ll introduce our collagen supplement that fuses flavour and nutrition. With options like vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate orange. Our supplement promises both health benefits and a pleasant experience adding it to your daily routine. 

Decoding Types of Collagen: Types 1 and 3

Type 1 and Type 3 collagen both play a fundamental role in your body. Type 1, the most abundant, is the main component of your skin, bones, and teeth, providing the structural integrity necessary to keep them strong and resilient. It's essential for maintaining your skin's elasticity and your bones' durability [1].

Type 3 collagen, while less abundant than Type 1, is no less important. It’s primarily found in your body's muscles, organs, and arterial system, contributing to the elasticity and flexibility of these tissues [2]. It works in tandem with Type 1 to support the structural integrity of your skin and vascular system — ensuring that your organs and blood vessels maintain their best functionality.

Focusing on Type 1 and Type 3 collagens in supplementation is a good choice. These collagen have a direct impact on your body's most crucial structural components. They’re the ones that diminish with age [3], leading to common age-related changes such as wrinkling of the skin, weakening of bones, and reduced elasticity in muscles and blood vessels. 

By supplementing with Type 1 and Type 3 collagen, you provide your body with what it needs to counteract the aforementioned effects. However, it’s also a great idea to supplement these collagens if you’re just looking to strengthen these areas, too.

Bonus: Let’s take a closer look at the two collagen types in the below table. 

Collagen Type

Location in Body

Main Functions

Contribution to Health

Type 1

Skin, Bones, Teeth

Provides structure to skin, strength to bones and teeth [4]

Supports skin elasticity, bone density

Type 3

Muscles, Organs, Arteries

Supports structure of organs, muscles, and blood vessels [5]

Enhances flexibility, organ function

While we’re here, we’ll also decode the other collagen types:

Collagen Type

Location in Body

Main Functions

Contribution to Health

Type 2


Main component of cartilage, supporting joint health

Aids in joint mobility and comfort

Type 4

Basement membranes (various organs)

Involved in filtration and barrier functions in organs

Supports organ function and filtration

Type 5

Cell surfaces, Hair, Placenta

Involved in the formation of cell surfaces and hair

Promotes cell health and hair strength

Type 10


Plays a role in bone formation and cartilage repair

Assists in bone health and joint recovery

Our collagen supplement is carefully formulated to include collagen types 1 and 3 — targeting the areas most affected by the ageing process. It helps to support and maintain the health and function of your skin, bones, muscles, and arterial system, providing a targeted approach to wellness and vitality. Whether you’re wanting to counteract ageing or just improve these areas.

Incorporating a supplement with Type 1 and Type 3 collagen into your daily routine is a direct way to bolster your body's structural health. These collagens are essential for keeping your skin, bones, muscles, and blood vessels strong, elastic, and resilient. 

The Synergy of Collagen Peptides and Vitamin C 

So — we’ve established that our body's collagen production naturally declines, leading to noticeable changes like less elastic skin, weaker joints, and more fragile bones. This decline is a major reason why people consider collagen supplementation — they aim to offset the natural loss and maintain their youthful vigour.

Collagen peptides (small pieces of collagen protein) are a popular supplement due to their high absorption rate. When ingested, they're quickly broken down and utilised by your body, helping to replenish diminished collagen stores [6]. This process supports hydration, joint mobility, and bone strength — addressing some of the most common concerns associated with ageing.

Vitamin C plays an important role in this process, acting as a catalyst for collagen synthesis [7]. Without sufficient Vitamin C, your body can't form or store collagen effectively. It ensures that collagen's amino acids can form the tight, stable helices that give collagen fibres their strength and resilience. 

Our Flavoured Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C supplement combines collagen peptides with Vitamin C, enhancing your body's ability to produce and utilise collagen. 

However, this synergy also promotes skin health. Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits that protect against damage from UV exposure and environmental pollutants [8].

In addition to skin benefits, this combination supports joint and bone health. The added Vitamin C enhances collagen's natural ability to maintain the cartilage that cushions joints and contributes to bone density [9].

Flavour and Nutrition: A Winning Combination 

Taste matters, especially when it comes to daily supplements. That's why our Flavoured Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C is designed to delight your taste buds.

With 3 inviting flavours to choose from — Vanilla, Chocolate, and the crowd-favourite Chocolate Orange — there's something for everyone. These turn supplementation from a daily chore to a flavorful treat; making it a pleasure rather than a routine.

However, what sets our flavoured collagen apart is that it exclusively uses stevia to provide that desirable sweetness without the added calories or sugar that can detract from the supplement's health benefits. This means you can enjoy these flavours guilt-free and as part of a balanced diet.

Our collagen powder also dissolves into both hot and cold beverages, making it an easy addition to your daily routine. You can stir it into your morning coffee, blend it into smoothies, or even add it to baking recipes.

This combination of flavour, nutrition, and ease of use makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to support their health without missing out on a delicious taste. We believe that maintaining well-being should be enjoyable! So, let’s look at how you can integrate it into your life. 

Integrating Collagen Supplementation into Everyday Wellness

Integrating Flavoured Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C into your daily wellness routine is simple and fun! Here’s how you can easily blend this nutritious supplement into your everyday habits:

  • Morning rituals: Kickstart your day by mixing the collagen powder into your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie. It enriches your beverage with essential nutrients and adds a delightful flavour, making mornings something to look forward to.
  • Hydration with a twist: Enhance your water or favourite juice with a scoop of collagen. Its excellent solubility gives you a smooth texture, transforming plain drinks into tasty, nutrient-rich treats without any hassle.
  • Nutritional culinary creations: Elevate the nutritional value of breakfast bowls, like oatmeal or yoghurt, by stirring in the collagen supplement. Its flavours blend well, adding a delicious twist to your wholesome meals.
  • Baking and cooking: Get creative in the kitchen by incorporating collagen into your baking recipes or savoury dishes. Whether it's protein-packed pancakes, muffins, or a subtle addition to soups and sauces, the supplement adds both flavour and nutrition.
  • Diverse flavours for every palate: With options like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chocolate Orange, you can keep your taste buds entertained while reaping the health benefits. The natural sweetness from stevia ensures you're indulging guilt-free.

Empowering Your Health Journey: Take Action with Collagen

Taking control of your health journey is empowering, and integrating Flavoured Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C into your daily routine is a proactive step towards maintaining your vitality. Our supplement offers some great benefits, including improved skin elasticity, stronger bones, and enhanced joint mobility.

It also brings the added advantage of Vitamin C's antioxidant properties — making it a comprehensive choice for those looking to support their body's natural collagen production.

As you consider the best ways to support your health, remember that staying informed and making choices aligned with your wellness goals is the most important step. To aid in this, we invite you to explore the wealth of resources we offer:

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By choosing our Flavoured Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C, you're embracing a lifestyle that prioritises well-being. We're here to support you every step of the way, providing the tools and information you need to make informed decisions that enhance your health journey. Take action today, and let's walk the path to wellness together.


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