Why do we do this?

The Primal range was born from a passion for a more intelligent way of improving health, performance and life longevity.

We are all surrounded by an abundance of brands promising weight loss results from their supplements, and we wanted to create something that stood for more than just making money.

Our Primal solutions are consumed daily by the team at Love Life Supplements, and we tailor each product to meet our highly active lifestyles to create bespoke solutions we know you’ll come to rely on.

Tried and tested. And tested again.

Each Primal product undergoes many rounds of quality, consistency, performance and taste testing by us.

There’s not one product in the Primal range we haven’t put through several stages of development, and we constantly strive to improve all of our offerings continuously.

Feedback: Our Ears are Open.

As well as continuously improving products ourselves, we listen to our customers.

In fact, our signature protein blend Primal Power has undergone several formula changes in response to customer feedback, and is still improving.

Quality, Integrity

From the beginning, Love Life Supplements has ensured we use the highest possible quality sourcing to ensure your health is put first.

We manufacture under GMP license and never use nasty artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives, providing insurance for your body.

The Right Price

We strongly believe your fitness and diet goals should be attainable; fitting into your lifestyle as easily as possible.

And our incredible pricing is a direct reflection of this - as an independent company we don’t inflate our margins to benefit ourselves, ensuring our customers always see value.

Strength, Learning, Community

Lifting weights is at the heart of our lifestyles. Crossfit is a sport based on community and continuous improvement - and we reflect this with our approach to supplements. We read the latest research, and apply new knowledge wherever possible.

But we can’t do this alone, and are steadily building our online base of knowledge, recipes, articles and training tips to help customers make better and more informed decisions.

The community of Love Life Primal Supplements customers is growing stronger by the day, and we would love you to join us.