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Why Use Our Vitamin Supplements?

Our vitamin supplements are not only all-natural, but we incorporate them alongside other beneficial supplement ingredients in complex products to completely enhance your health and fitness journey. You'll see this in our Hydrolysed bovine collagen + vitamin C supplement, where we incorporate Vitamin C to aid the absorption of the collagen into your body. 

We also ensure our products have a high bioavailability, so they’re easily digested and quickly absorbed to the areas that need them most. This is a much more effective way to maximise our vitamin intake than trying to consume the same quantity of vitamins and minerals from the source!

Compared to other vitamin supplements, ours contain none of the caking or bulking agents, fillers or carriers seen in the industry. We use only the finest natural ingredients in our vitamin supplements and the highest quality GMP Certified manufacturing processes to ensure a product that's second to none.

The Health Benefits Of Natural Vitamin Supplements

We use natural vitamins in complex products offering secondary benefits, for example Vitamin C or electrolytes alongside our collagen in our primal range and nutrient-dense mixes with over 13 ingredients as in our primal reds.

It’s crucial to balance the intake of natural vitamins and minerals, which is why we ensure that each of our vitamin supplements are the best and most efficient products by keeping as much of the natural goodness of the source ingredients as possible.

Bone Strength and Structure

The common misconception with Vitamin D is that it is only necessary through childhood for growth spurts. However, our bodies go through natural development, and this vitamin is still vital throughout adulthood. A lack of vitamin D can result in bone deformation at an early age and, through our adult lives, will leave bones feeling brittle and weak, potentially causing arthritis at a later age.

The regulation of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D is crucial, especially during the winter months when there is less natural vitamin D from the sun - but also if you know you're deficient. In this way, taking our vitamin supplements replenishes and maintains your natural levels for better overall health.

Development of Body Tissue

Vitamin C is a vital natural vitamin that benefits the growth of our body tissue and maintains that strength during later years of our life. The function of vitamin C is an important one as it will help build your immune system and repair any broken body tissue. 

So for those looking for a natural and effective way to support your body's natural tissue repairing capabilities, increase your vitamin C intake!

The Conversion of Food Into Energy

The vitamin supplements we take support our essential bodily functions, but they also impact how well we extract the nutrients from the food we eat. 

Taking vitamin supplements is a natural way of boosting our ability to transform foods into fuel, utilising the goodness of these ingredients and ensuring they're used by the parts of our body that need them most.