Why people are loving our new Organic Greens Formula

Why people are loving our new Organic Greens Formula

Our customers have been leaving some amazing reviews about our new Organic Greens formula, so we wanted to look more closely at why it’s so popular.

Here’s what people are saying.


It tastes better than the rest

You’d be forgiven for thinking us biased if we said Organic Greens tastes so much better than other green juices. Luckily, we don’t need to say it - people have been saying it for us!  

"If, like me, you struggle with raw green juice or smoothies (especially with spirulina) then this is a great option for you."
"A really tasty way to get a good amount of green goodness." 
"Subtle beautiful orange flavour, mixes very well, the best greens product I have tried so far."

Ever since we were children, we’ve been put off eating some types of vegetables because of the taste. In fact, we discovered that not everyone was a fan of our unflavoured Greens drink because of the ‘green taste’.  

We listened, and carefully developed this tasty orange and lime flavour. Just mix one scoop of powder with water in the morning and you’re good to go!

tasty organic greens drink


You can mix it with other supplements

We find that many of our customers take more than one supplement, so it’s ideal if these can be mixed and taken together.  

The great thing is, you have lots of options with Organic Greens. Here are a few ideas that come straight from our customers:

"I combine this powder with a protein shake and collagen"
"I drink it on its own with water, sometimes adding collagen to it (the plain LLS collagen). It's not full of sugar, which is great! It could also be added to a smoothie for an added boost."
“I enjoy the powder in yogurt!"


All of our supplements are free from unnecessary thickeners, fillers and sugars. This means that whether you’re taking them on their own or mixing them, you can rest assured that all you’re getting is the good stuff!

organic greens powder in yogurt

Try the Organic Greens powder in yogurt


You have two flavours to choose from

When you do choose to mix supplements, you may not want to mix too many different flavours.  

This is why we’re still offering the unflavoured Organic Greens powder. It also means that you can mix it with other fruity flavours if you prefer: 

"I chose the unflavoured because I love the green taste... If you want, you can always add your own fruit. 


It's a great energy booster

"Energy levels feel good, my skin looks and feels better, and it’s just good to know I’m getting a powerful dose of greens more often for my overall health"
"From the first scoop I had more energy"


So what is it about Organic Greens that leaves people feeling more energetic?  

Organic Greens contains kale and spinach, both of which are rich in iron. Our body needs iron to make haemoglobin in the red blood cells. This carries oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs so that they can function properly. 

If you’re not consuming enough iron, you might feel tired and lethargic. A daily dose of Organic Greens may therefore give you that energy boost you need.

We’ve also added a probiotic (‘good bacteria’) called LactoSpore®, and inulin, a natural soluble dietary fibre, to the mix. 

Both help support digestion, ensuring that the body absorbs as much of the essential nutrients from the ingredients as possible. That means you’re getting maximum goodness and the maximum benefit from all the ingredients (including iron).

man and woman working out

It's now organic

"Great tasting greens formula. Not too sweet and no rubbish ingredients."

We don’t add any unnecessary additives to our supplements, and all of the green ingredients in Organic Greens are (as the name suggests) organic. No chemicals; just the good stuff.

We choose organic greens as these are lower in heavy metals. What's more, the added LactoSpore® probiotic helps break down oxalates from the ingredients, thus helping to increase mineral absorption. 

*(Oxalates are organic compounds found in many plants; in the body, they can bind to calcium and iron. This can affect the absorption of these minerals, and increase the risk of developing health conditions such as kidney stones).

organic greens kaleOur Organic Greens formula contains organic kale


What does Organic Greens contain?

Organic Greens contains some of the most nutrient-rich ingredients we could find: 

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Wheatgrass
  • Spirulina
  • Seagreens
  • Chlorella
  • Inulin
  • LactoSpore® probiotic

If you click through to our Organic Greens product page, we’ve included more information about the nutrient content of each ingredient and the possible benefits.

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