Vitamin K2 and D3: 5 Reasons They Are Absolutely Essential

Vitamin K2 and D3: 5 Reasons They Are Absolutely Essential

Health enthusiasts often big up how vitamins play a crucial role in our bodies; from supporting energy production to ensuring proper cell function. But did you know Vitamin D3 and K2 are two of the most important vitamins in this regard? They’re absolutely essential for those wanting to live a healthier life. 


To put it simply: Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption in your bones and K2 ensures that calcium reaches your bones and doesn't accumulate in your arteries.

While foods like fish, leafy greens, and dairy products are sources of these vitamins, many of us don't get enough from our diets alone — and that’s why our Vitamin D3 + K2 (K2Vital) supplements offer a carefully selected combination of the two. 

Our unique blend of Vitamin D3 and K2 is perfect for those looking to make better health choices. Today, we'll explore the undeniable benefits of D3 and K2 and provide insights into why they're absolutely essential to your daily routine.

1 - K2 & D3 Boosts Bone Health

When we think about strong bones, calcium is often the first nutrient that comes to mind. While it’s undoubtedly essential, it's not always utilised by our bodies in the most effective ways. For it to be effectively utilised, Vitamins D3 and K2 have to get involved [1].

Imagine your body like a construction site. Calcium is like bricks — essential for building super-strong structures. Vitamin D3 acts as the construction crew that transports those bricks to the right places. 

However, without guidance, the crew could mistakenly put the bricks where they're not needed. This is where Vitamin K2 steps in. It acts as the site supervisor and ensures that calcium is directed to our bones and teeth [2].

Fact: a deficiency in either of these vitamins can lead to weak bones or conditions like osteoporosis [3].

Daily recommended intake suggests 400-800 international units (IU) of Vitamin D and about 90-120 micrograms (mcg) of K2 for adults. Foods like salmon (for D3) and fermented foods like natto (for K2) are good natural sources, but they often don't provide these amounts consistently. This is where our Vitamin D3 + K2 (K2Vital) can be a reliable addition to ensure you're meeting these daily requirements.

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In essence, D3 and K2 help ensure our skeletal system remains strong, and they also help lessen the risk of arterial calcification — a potential contributor to heart-related issues [4].

2 - Improved Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin K2 and D3 lead to improved cardiovascular health
(Image source: Pixabay)

Poor cardiovascular health is a concern for many. While most are aware of common recommendations like regular exercise and balanced diets, the role of vitamins is often overlooked. 

Did you know? Vitamin K2 has a crucial role to play in maintaining heart health.

That’s because Vitamin K2 regulates calcium in the bloodstream. Excess calcium can be left in your arteries leading to arterial calcification, but Vitamin K2 directs it to the bones and away from your arteries.

However, here’s where it gets interesting: K2 also promotes arterial flexibility — and that’s a good thing [5]. Stiff arteries can strain your heart, leading to elevated blood pressure and an increased risk of a heart attack [6]. But by helping to maintain the elasticity of your arterial walls, K2 can play a preventive role in heart disease

This is backed up by BMJ journals:

“K2 has been strongly associated with improved cardiovascular outcomes through its modification of systemic calcification and arterial stiffness. Although its direct effects on delaying the progression of vascular and valvular calcification is currently the subject of multiple randomised clinical trials, prior reports suggest potentially improved survival among cardiac patients with vitamin K2 supplementation.”BMJ journals.

In summary, Vitamin K2 plays a key role in heart health. Not only does it manage calcium in our body, but it also helps keep our arteries flexible. Adding Vitamin K2 to our daily routine offers that extra boost to protect our heart.

3 - Boosted Immune System

Our immune system is our body's first line of defence against pathogens — think of it like a protective shield. 

However, without constant upkeep, our immune system can lose its edge. This is one of the many reasons why Vitamin D3 is essential — it ensures our immune cells function effectively. 

Specifically, Vitamin D3 helps our T Cells. These cells are essential for identifying and neutralising harmful invaders. Without Vitamin D3, our T cells are more likely to remain inactive leaving us more prone to infections [7].

Furthermore, studies have shown that a lack of Vitamin D3 can increase our susceptibility to respiratory diseases. For example, one such study looked at patients with bronchiectasis and found Vitamin D was deficient in 64% of patients.

While Vitamin K2 doesn’t directly support our immune system, its role of ensuring optimal calcium usage in the body does help. This is according to Lakewood Community Acupuncture, anyway:

“Calcium is vital in the functioning of our immune system. Depletion of tissue calcium not only leads to increased virus and bacterial infections, but can be a general indicator of susceptibility to severe illness with higher mortality rate.”Jamie Holland, Licensed Acupuncturist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist 

In short, Vitamin D3 helps your immune cells to stay vigilant against illness — especially common respiratory infections. However, Vitamin K2 plays its part, too. It indirectly supports your overall immune health. By maintaining the right levels of these vitamins, you’re reinforcing your body’s natural defences — and that’s absolutely essential. 

4 - Supports Healthy Muscle Function 

Vitamin K2 and D3 help boost muscle function

(Image source: Pixabay)

Maintaining proper muscle function is essential, especially as we get older. Luckily, research suggests that higher levels of Vitamin D3 correlate with improved muscle strength and function [8]:

“Several lines of evidence support an effect of vitamin D on muscle function and findings from RCTs* have shown beneficial effects of vitamin D supplementation in the elderly.” National Library of Medicine.

* Random clinical trials.

Vitamin D3 also enhances muscle contraction [9] — and this is vital for strength and stability. Individuals with adequate levels of Vitamin D3 are less likely to experience falls [10].

Now, while Vitamin K2 may not influence muscle function, it’s still essential here. Once again, this is because of the calcium regulation. Since K2 ensures calcium is deposited where it's most beneficial, it supports muscle health by maintaining overall skeletal integrity.

5 - Promotes Mental Well-Being

As you can imagine, having a positive mindset is linked with your physical health. Vitamin D3 can uplift your mood and combat depressive symptoms. In fact, various studies have shown adequate levels of D3 are associated with a more positive mood and better brain health [11].

So, Vitamin D3 + K2 (K2Vital) is essential for those looking to support their mental well-being. With K2’s benefits listed above, it’s an excellent way to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Embrace Your Health Journey with Love Life Supplements 

It’s a no-brainer: Vitamin D3 and K2 are essential for your health. Yet, getting them from your diet isn’t always easy. Our Vitamin D3 + K2 (K2Vital) supplements provide a simple yet effective way to support your whole-body health.

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K2Vital® Delta Powder

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